The Bachelor – After the Final Rose

The Bachelor - After the Final Rose

Lizzy Darling , Reporter

      The final rose goes to, Vanessa.  Nick made the tough decision to send home Raven which shocked all bachelor nation.  The episode included the final two girls meeting the family, and then their final dates.  

      Raven had the opportunity on her first one-on-one to meet the family which eases her nerves, she has already made a close connection with Nick’s youngest sister.  The family all seemed to like her and found her very endearing and interesting in Nick.  On their final date, they continued their skating aspect by going ice skating.  Raven has fallen for Nick and tells him, she was confident that she would be the one with the final rose.  

      Vanessa then met the family, she discussed how it will be difficult for their future living situation considering they live in different countries.  She was hesitant with his family but told them that she has fallen for him and that he is one person she has always looked for.  During their date they share their connection with each other but there is still confusion with everything and how there is someone else and not just them.  

      The suspense began when the first limo drove up to the proposal.  Raven was the first to come out and it gave away how Nick does not propose to her.  She tells him how she loves him and how she is very ready to get married.  He ended it with her because he felt a strong connection with someone else but it hurts to have to say goodbye to her.  

      When Vanessa arrives he is still nervous that she could say no.  She confesses her love for him and he to her, and he proposes.  She accepts and then accepts his final rose.  

After the Final Rose

      On After the Final Rose, Raven is welcomed out to talk about how she has been since the break up, Chris Harrison invites her to go to Paradise this summer and she looks forward to it.  The new couple of Nick and Vanessa are very excited to get out of hiding and start living their life in society and not in a TV show.  Rachel, the new Bachelorette, came out and talked about how excited she was to start.  Chris ask if she would like to start the journey right now; she agrees and the who studio audience and bachelor nation was shocked because it made history.  Rachel met four of the guys and are excited to meet the rest of group later in the year.  

      Nick’s season ends and after the fourth time on the the show he leaves with a fiance and love.  The official new season on the bachelorette starting Rachel will be May 22, 2017.