‘Meet the women you don’t know, behind the mission you do’

'Meet the women you don't know, behind the mission you do'

Gracie Thies, News Editor

    There have been movies made in the past like The Help, that have showcased the times when there was segregation and bad conditions for African Americans. Another movie that exemplifies those times is Hidden Figures.

     This Oscar award winner for best picture features three black women that are pushing their way into the space industry. Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson are beyond brilliant women working behind the scenes for NASA.

     Since most of the employees are white, all three of the women are overlooked and seen as just colored women that do not have the potential to help NASA launch astronaut, John Glenn into space. Throughout the film, NASA will compete with the Soviet Union to be the first country to launch a rocket into space.

     Segregation is a big part of the movie as there are separate bathrooms and offices for colored men and women. Colored women were to work on a completely different campus and only use their designated bathroom. All three women will attempt to cross the race barrier to shoot for what they’ve been wanting all along.

     It’s a constant struggle for African Americans to excel in their career and dreams. Schools were also segregated where only whites could get a quality education. It just comes to show how bad things were not too long ago.

     Even though this movie is about the struggles of African American people trying to succeed, there is a much greater message being told. Catch Hidden Figures in theatres now and witness the evolution of our country in segregation and in the space industry.

     Hidden Figures has been so popular that its domestic box office total $162.8 million, passing Jason Bourne and X-Men. The movie started as a book and is based on the true story and experiences of Katherine, Dorothy and Mary. It could be possible that there is much more for the film to accomplish.