DECA going to Nationals

DECA going to Nationals

Lauren Shelton, Reporter

     One of Belvidere North’s most popular and exciting clubs to join is DECA. The DECA Inc. is an international association compiled of students interested in marketing and business. The teacher who helps lead the club and students is Mr. Young.

     Members of the club from North have had an extremely successful season. The members choose from different events to compete in. Some involve aspects of advertising, others are written events, and even virtual computer games.

     The team competed at their state competition this last weekend and a few members qualified to go to nationals in Anaheim, California. The tournament is called ICDC and it runs from April 26 to April 29. The team will leave a few days before it starts and stay for several days. The youngest two members from North that are going to Anaheim are a pair of sophomores.

     “Andrea and I are competing in the virtual business event. We are a little nervous to compete since we haven’t had as much practice as we would like, but I think we are still going to do pretty well,” Allie Hammer (‘19).

     The competition will include DECA members from all across the United States and even students from other countries. More than 10,000 students will be in competitive events. Since the organization is so widespread, it has allowed for Belvidere North students to communicate with other kids from all over the country.

     “I am very excited to be able to network with other students at this international competition. One of my good friends, who I am also excited to see, is Jaron May. He started and runs his own video blog. Make sure to check it out every Monday! It is called May Mondays,” Leah Hoffman (‘18).

     Hoffman is one of the most active members, not just at North, but in Illinois as well. She was elected as the Illinois DECA Vice President of Public Relations for this school year. It allows for her to work closely with representatives from other sectors and help improve the organization.

     This won’t be the first time that the club has traveled outside of Illinois to compete. Just a few months ago, the students went to Indianapolis, Indiana for a competition and everyone did very well.

     Everyone from Belvidere North, as well as other students on DECA, are hoping the competition is successful and all the members do well in their events.