Tebow Time

Tebow Time

Kyle Hauser, Reporter

Tim Tebow is a phenomenal athlete and has played many sports throughout his life.  Even though he was homeschooled, he played football at his local high school in Pennsylvania.  In Pennsylvania, Tebow was very close to his family.  Both of his parents went to Florida University and were missionaries.  His parents rubbed off on him and was a very strong worshipper of Christianity.  This made Tebow a very lovable and easy player to cheer for and support while he was the quarterback at Florida University.  

Tebow became a stud football player at Florida.  Tebow had an unbelievable career and was able to win the Heisman award.  This set the table for Tebow to perform well in the NFL.

Tebow was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos.  In his first season, he took the Broncos on a playoff run.  From there, he bounced around and went to the Jets, Patriots, and Jets.  On each of the teams though, he did not get much playing time.  AFter that, he became and ESPN announcer.

Tebow was still in great shape and wanted to try something new so he started to try baseball in the MLB.  He tried out for the New York Mets and made the team.  In his first at bat in single A in the 2016 season, he hit a home run and turned a lot of heads.  

As of right now, Tim Tebow is going through Spring Training with the New York Mets.  He is hoping to get called up to the big leagues, but right now it is not looking good.