White House bomb threat


Lauren Shelton, Reporter

     On Saturday night, all news channels tuned in to the White House as the Secret Service detained a man who claimed he had a bomb in the back of his vehicle at the entrance to the White House.

     Sean Patrick Keoughan, 29 years old, from Roanoke, Virginia, pulled up to the White House about an hour before the bomb threat. He claimed that he had an appointment with President Donald Trump, and that he obtained the capability to speak to the President telepathically. Around 11:05 p.m. Keoughan was at the security checkpoint and stated that he had a bomb in the rear trunk of his 2017 Chevrolet Impala. The security and Secret Service presence was immediately upgraded and put on alert, even though there was no confirmation if there was actually a bomb or not. Bomb technicians and other personnel were also brought in to the area to help take control of the situation.

     “Upon contact with the individual, U.S. Secret Service Officers detained the individual and declared his vehicle suspicious. In accordance with proper protocols, Secret Service personnel increased their posture of readiness,” said White House authorities on Monday night.

     Several hours later, blockades on surrounding streets were removed and reopened, but the checkpoint was still blocked off and crawling with officers.

     Keoughan was required to appear in DC court the following Monday. According to the US attorney’s office, he currently faces up to ten years in prison. Reports state that he was charged with threatening and conveying false information about the use of an explosive. As well as possible theft charges for the stolen vehicle, which had Indiana license plates. Keoughan revealed his motivation for the stunt. He stated during the incident that, “This is a test,” for the Secret Service officers.

     This threat took place just after two other attempts have taken place in the last three weeks. One man was arrested after he jumped over a bicycle rack and stated he wanted to personally deliver an unknown document to the President. While the other man broke into the private grounds and wandered around the property for over 15 minutes.

     At the time of the incident, President Trump was out of town. He was in Florida with family for the weekend, but due to the multiple close calls, all of the White House will continue to remain on high alert for the next few weeks.