‘School’s out for summer, school’s out forever’


Summer is just over a month away.

Haley McCoy, Editorials Editor

     Technically, it’s only just barely spring, but that small fact does not change the level of anticipation some have for summer.

     After spring break, summer is right around the corner. School wraps up on May 19 this year, and for seniors that day is May 9. Just over a month away is the end of high school forever. Summer fever, senioritis – whatever term is used to refer to the decline in motivation that inhibits students as the year winds down – is stronger than ever.

     The weather is not warm, not by any standards. Spring sports are still limited by poor field conditions and bitter winter winds that have stuck around almost to April. The slightest increase in temperatures, a stable level that hovers above 50 degrees, is enough to inspire the impatience for summer to finally roll around.

     “I have never had less motivation for school in my life,” said Anna Chylak (‘17).

     The truth of the matter is that it’s difficult for seniors – for any students in general – to stay focused on school work when a break from any and all responsibility is right around the corner. In the summer, students have the liberty to sit by the pool in the sun for hours on end without worrying over deadlines and test scores.

     Granted, for graduating seniors, this summer will be slightly more stressful than the rest as the final pieces of the next four years fall into place. Nevertheless, it’s the last summer for many that everyone they know and love will be in the same place. Come September, the 333 students in the senior class will scatter across the country, to Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Georgia, Arizona, Iowa, or wherever else college will take them.

     It’s easy to see why they cannot wait to leave high school. Summer is closer than ever and, understandably so, school is starting to feel a little less important in the grand scheme of things. What’s a test when three months of sunshine and freedom loom in the future? Apologies in advance because the answer is inconsequential.

     “There’s only a month left of school, and as much as I can’t wait to leave, I’m going to miss parts of high school,” said Laurel Burke (‘17).

     School is winding down. Freshmen are reaching the end of the beginning, and seniors are finishing high school only to begin a new chapter in their lives. Summer is right around the corner, and even the teachers cannot wait for it to arrive.