The Shack


Lizzy Darling , Reporter

      Imagine spending a weekend with the holy trinity, being called to meet the father, son and holy spirit.  In the new movie, The Shack, directed by Stuart Hazeldine was made directly made from the famous novel by William P. Young, the main character, Mac, questions his innermost beliefs of his faith, after a tragic event he encounters.  He receives a note to return to the place that these events happened to meet with someone he has lost touch with.  When he travels to the abandon shake in an Oregon camping ground, he meets a woman named Papa and two others who say they are  the same as one.  He still continues the journey to transform his understanding from the tragic events and ultimately changes his life forever.  

      The original novel was published in 2007, and it made it on the New York Times Bestseller List for two year.   It sold 1 million copies within the first year of publication, and more than 10 million as of  2009.  The success of the novel was a direct result of ‘word of mouth’, by churches, christian radio stations, blogs and social media.  The book was rated a 3.7/5 by Goodreads.  

      The Shack was named one of the biggest movie phenomena, and the screen version interested the existing fan base from the book.  Many reviewers felt that the movie was truly inspirational and to look at things in a different perspective.  The Shack is one of those movie that correlate with religion, just like Heaven is for Real and Miracles from Heaven.  The movie is being shown at all theaters around the area.