Once Upon A Mattress


Crocker and Mosher perform in last week’s show

Sofi Zeman, Co-Features Editor

On March 17, the Belvidere North theater department celebrated the school’s ten year anniversary by performing Once Upon A Mattress as the annual musical. The show, first performed in 2007, was the first musical ever to be performed by a Belvidere North cast.

    This musical, based on the general plot of The Princess and The Pea, shares the tale of a kingdom in wait. The people of the land are forbidden to marry the person of their choice until their prince, played by Tommy Crocker (‘17), is married . An overprotective queen, played by Hannah Potter  (‘17) invents a series of impossible tests for those interested in marrying Prince Dauntless, keeping all from their happily ever after.

     The story takes a turn for the worse when Lady Larkin, portrayed by Angelica Gaj (‘18) discovers that she is pregnant out of wedlock. Larkin sends her husband-to-be, Sir Harry, played by Tommy Karl (‘17) on a journey to find an eligible princess for Prince Dauntless to marry. Harry returns with the eccentric Princess Winnifred of Woebegone, played by McKenna Mosher (‘18). When Winnifred and Dauntless form an instant attraction, it becomes up to them, along with a mute king, played by Seth Lambright (‘17) and his accomplices to find a way to pass the domineering queen’s trials.

     The plot of the show itself was dry at some points and difficult to follow on occasion. But, the Belvidere North cast worked to make it an overall success. Crocker leaps into the persona of an overprivileged mama’s boy, adding a spark of humor to the exposition by coming off as a victim. Despite what the audience is told when Princess Winnifred sings the song “Shy,” it becomes clear through Mosher’s performance that she is anything but. Mosher, along with the rest of the cast, participate in a series of well executed dance interludes, featuring a tap dance number conducted by Eileen Bundt (‘18).

     A pit orchestra played in the musical, rather than using pre-recorded music. The pit was directed by Scott Aska and was composed of various North band students.

     “ Playing the pit was something new for me. Live music is better for a performance because the people playing the music can make adjustments to how the actors want it, whereas the recording is how it is and can’t be changed, ” said Matt Albrecht (‘19).

     Once Upon A Mattress will be the last Belvidere North production of the school year. The next school musical will take place next fall. Belvidere Central Middle School will be putting on their annual play on March 21 and March 22 at 6:30PM. North’s improv anonymous team will hold a show in the school’s cafeteria on April 20 at 7PM.