Boys Track

Boys Track

Kyle Hauser , Reporter

Though boys indoor track season may have just started just a few weeks ago, but Coach Yunk had his men training for the season in January.  The men have been in the weightroom and running nearly everyday to be in the best possible shape for this track season.  

Though the indoor track season is short, Coach Yunk was hoping the team would compete well which would propel them into their outdoor track season.  For boys indoor track, they started out strong beating both Belvidere and North Boone in the 9th Annual Boone County meet.  Not only did Varsity win, but the Fresh/Soph team as well won, which shows the North will continue to succeed in the future.

After that meet, the men went on to compete at the NIC 10 Championship.  They competed well and took third place overall.  The only teams they were not able to beat was Harlem and Hononegah. Coach Yunk is excited about this finish and hopes that they will continue to compete to be a top finisher in conference.  

One key athlete is Sebastian Gutierrez(‘18). Sebastian is a high jumper whose high jump so far into his high school career was six feet and five inches.  This already qualifies him to compete at the state meet taking place on March 25th.  Last year at state, he finished ninth overall, but Coach Yunk is hoping that he will finish in the top five at the state meet this year.  

In addition to Gutierrez, Coach Yunk says that he has a large group of sophomores and hopes that this will help North be able to compete for conference for years to come.

Other key returning athletes for throwers are Josh Shableau(‘17), Cameron Lundquist(‘17), and Cruz Garza(‘18).  As for key returning long distance runners, the team has Brandt Lerma(‘17), Jared Ellingson(‘17), and Alec Scott(‘18).  For hurdlers, they have Alex Frisch(‘18), and Chris Winters(‘18).  And for sprinters and hurdlers, they have Bennett O’Connell(‘17), Oscar Piloni(‘17), and Gutierrez.

With all of the young sophomore talent in combination with the plentiful of returning athletes, the team is geared up to contend to win conference.