Get Out


Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

      The horror movie Get Out was released in theaters on February 24 and has made millions of dollars. Get Out is a movie about an interracial couple and their journey to finally meet Rose’s parents. Chris, the boyfriend, is a little worried about meeting Rose’s parents because he knows that people of color are often discriminated. Rose assures him that it’ll be alright so he decides to go with.

     After agreeing to go meet her parents, Rose and Chris make their way to Rose’s family estate. While on the way, a deer jumps in front of the car and gets hit. Rose stops to see the damage to the car while Chris goes to check on the deer after hearing it whimper out in pain. They call the police and when the officer arrives, he asks to see Chris’s license. Rose get frustrated and calls out the police officer for accusing Chris of being responsible simply because he’s black.  Once the whole ordeal is over, Rose and Chris continue their journey to her parents house.

     They finally arrive and Rose introduces Chris to her parents and are welcomed inside. Dean and Missy, Rose’s parents, ask how long they’ve been dating because they had no idea it was going on. Dean gives Chris a tour of the place and all of the noteworthy items in it. As Chris is roaming the house with Dean, he sees two black people helping out. Georgina is the woman that appears to be the housemaid while Walter is outside taking care of the land. This seems a little weird to Chris but he tries not to say anything. Dean notices the awkwardness in the air and tries to clarify that their race doesn’t matter to them; they know how it looks but Dean promises there’s nothing bad going on.

     Missy informs Rose that the family reunion is coming up and Rose sighs in frustration. Chris tries to calm her and tell her that it’s not a big deal. A few hours pass and Rose and Chris are in bed but Chris can’t seem to fall asleep. He decides to go outside to smoke even though Dean and Missy aren’t too happy that he does it. Chris makes his way inside after an encounter with Walter outside and Missy surprises him. She tells him to come into the room to have a talk. Before Chris knows it, Missy is hypnotizing him so he can stop smoking. Although it worked, the aftermath of the whole experience terrified him.

     Walter and Georgina continue to make Chris question things. When the family arrives at the estate, Chris becomes very uncomfortable because he seems to be nearly the only person of color. The families greet him and make inappropriate and weird comments to Chris. Chris spots a black guy across the lawn and quickly makes his way over to say hi. He soon realizes that it was pointless because the man acts just as weird as the other two black people there.

     More and more questionable occurrences take place during their stay. Chris tries his best to deal with them but is quickly beginning to regret even agreeing to the trip. A silent auction takes place that will change Chris’ fate and will show who the family truly is. Things continue going downhill for Chris and the percent chance he has to escape all of the horror becomes nearly impossible but Chris is determined to do whatever it takes to save himself.