I met Bruce Wayne???


Cassiana Pozzi, entertainment editor

     Recently at the Donald E. Stephens center in Rosemont, Illinois, two events took place. One being the Walker Stalker Convention, for those who are fans of the show The Walking Dead, and Heroes and Villains Fanfest, for those who are fans of DC Comics and Marvel Comics. At these types of events, one can buy fan merchandise from a variety of vendors, meet celebrities at autograph tables or photo ops, sit in on celebrity run panels, and meet up with and talk to other fans. Heroes and Villains Fanfest was the fourth comic convention I’ve attended and it was one of my favorite experiences.

     One of the main reasons people go to comic conventions is to meet their favorite TV show or movie actor, that was my main reason for going as well. The celebrity I had met was David Mazouz, who plays young Bruce Wayne on the Fox TV show, Gotham. Some people prefer to buy their photo op and autograph tickets there but I had bought mine prior to the event. When My friend and I had gotten there, we got our tickets redeemed and got in line. The line was so long and we were cutting it really close with my photo op, but luckily we got inside 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. We were slowly guided in one by one to take pictures with Mazouz, each person only getting a minute to take the picture with him. When it was my turn, I walked up to him and he was really kind while greeting me and shaking my hand. For my ‘pose’, I had him and I hugging and looking at each other which I thought was different from the usual smile at the camera. Even though it was only for a minute, he was really nice with, not only me, but with other fans as well. When I got the picture, I sealed it away until later when I would go to his autograph table.

     Finally my friend and I were able to walk around the convention floor and look at all the vendors. Unfortunately there was more Walking Dead merchandise for sale than superhero stuff but somehow we were both able to find cute shirts, keychains, and Funko vinyl figures. Some of the vendor tables were picked over from the day before but a lot of t-shirts were still available.

     It was about 12:15 when I dragged my friend over to Mazouz’s autograph table so I could get my picture with him signed. He didn’t come out until 12:30 and by that time my friend and I had made friends with a family in front of us. After a long period of waiting and talking to other Gotham fans, it was finally my turn to meet him, again. He welcomed me, with a handshake again, saying “it’s so nice to see you again.” He was really sweet and we had a pretty long conversation before I realized I was sort of holding up the line. I had also taken another few pictures with him and the whole time he was so personable and really easy to talk to. He gave me a hug goodbye and I thanked him again, for not only taking the time to talk to me, but for playing an amazing Bruce Wayne on the show. I even almost forgot to grab my autographed photo op on the table but Mazouz grabbed it for me. And the funniest part was when my friend and I were walking away, the family who we had been previously talking to stopped me and told me they had to see my reaction to meeting him again. We talked a little bit more before my friend and I went and got seats at the Agents of Shield panel. The panel was led by Chloe Bennet and Brett Dalton, who are stars of the ABC Marvel show. They talked about the upcoming season and even spoiled a few details about their characters for the coming episodes.

     When we left the panel, I went with my friend as she waited in line to meet Arrow star, Willa Holland. After their photo op, I also went with her so she could get it signed from Holland. Holland was really kind to my friend and the other fans which made the day even more memorable.

     It was a fun day at the convention in Chicago, even though it was much smaller than expected. It was my friend’s first time going to a convention so I hope she enjoyed getting to meet one of her favorite celebrities and seeing many others. There was quite a bit of things to buy and a lot of things to do which made Heroes and Villains Fanfest a great event and hopefully I will be able to go again next year. But I won’t have to wait too long for another convention for I have planned to spend the weekend of April 22 at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.