Spring Break

Bella Kehrer, Showcase Editor

   Spring break has come and gone in a flash. The week flew by and didn’t feel long enough but in that time many students took the time to go on vacation. With the weather being awful here in Illinois, people flew across America and even the world to spend their week in the sun.

   Theres the obvious Florida spots that tons of families go to, but this year lots of people went to Myrtle Beach, SC.

  Kylie Johnson (‘18) and her brother Mason Johnson (‘19) went to Myrtle Beach and met up with Morgan McNulty (‘18).

   “I wish I didn’t have to come home. I love Myrtle Beach,” said Kylie Johnson (‘18).






    Sara Redig (‘18) and Brynn Lambracht (‘18) took a long road trip down to Orange Beach, Alabama. Spending the week soaking up the sun,Sara and Brynn both came back extremely tan.  On the way to and from Alabama they made many pit stops and got to experience the cultures of the other states along the way.

   “I’m glad I got to bring Sara with. We had so much fun and I hope we can go back again,” Brynn Lambrecht (‘18).

   Grace Kahler (‘18) and Taylor Ferguson (‘18) went down to Florida and went jet skiing, fishing and laid out on the beach.

   Ashtyn Jenkins (‘17) and Ashleigh Liebenberg (‘17) also went to Florida.

   Sam Sisco (‘18), Tony Sisco (‘20), Ryan McGinnis (‘20) and Connor McGinnis (‘17) all went to Jamaica and soaked up the Jamaican sun.







Caroline Flynn (‘17) went with her family to the Dominican Republic. Spending the week on the beach and laying in cabanas.

   Overall, spring break was success for those that spent their time on the beach but for those who stayed home, there’s always next year.