Coast Modern Makes New Waves

Coast Modern Makes New Waves

Natalie Perez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

While everyone has been lazing around during their week off, Coast Modern has already gotten busy this spring: the band has released a new single and dropped some exciting new songs for their listeners.

As fans await the beginning of their new tour, Coat Modern’s new single “Pockets Full of No” dropped on Itunes and Spotify on March 31. The tune features the same upbeat synthetic pop sound found in their other eight singles, and even features the sound of the money we all need going into this summer. 

The rest of the duo’s hits are comprised of a mix of vocals that can be compared to those of Cage the Elephant’s Matt Shultz, psychedelic mixes of synth, and thoughtful yet contemporary lyrics.

Since releasing their debut album in 2015, “Hollow Life”, the band has gained momentum mainly on SiriusXM’s Alt Nation. Their specific sound has led them to the top quickly, with dizzying beats that will melt your heart.

A perfect album to listen to in your car, room, or more preferably, a beach.

Coast Modern managed to release the perfect spring cleaning bop to dance around to with a Swiffer mop, but the new tour and clues about the new album will keep fans, new or old, on the edge of their seats during this upcoming spring.