No need to worry about opening day loss


Connor Walsh , Co Sports Editor

The Chicago Cubs are not going to go 162-0.  That was a certainty even before they suffered a 4-3 opening day loss to their division rival St. Louis Cardinals.  But for many Cubs fans, seeing a record of 0-1 puts everyone into a panic.  The ones panicking are most likely the ones who hadn’t watched a baseball game before last October, but any real baseball fan will know that there is absolutely no reason to panic.  

     The main reason that you shouldn’t panic is because there are 161 more games left in the season. The Cubs lost on opening night in 2015, and that team won 97 games and made it to the NLCS.  A loss on opening night does not spell out doom for the rest of the season.  

     The Cubs are still the same team that won the World Series last year, plus a full year of Kyle Schwarber.  Schwarber is yet another reason not to worry about this year.  He is already the Cubs all time leader in postseason home runs, and is one of the top left handed bats in the game.  He more than replaces Dexter Fowler in the lineup, with the potential to hit 40 plus home runs.  

     The team also had a historically good defense last season, and has the potential to be just as good if not better on that side of the ball.  Anthony Rizzo won the platinum glove last season, given to the best defender overall regardless of their position.  Jason Heyward is a gold glover in right, and Albert Almora and Addison Russell are both potential gold glovers.  Wilson Contreras has one of the best arms in the game behind the plate.  The only player that may be a liability on defense is Schwarber, who should more than make up for his glove with his bat.  

     The Cubs have proved that an opening day loss is no big deal, as they have taken the next two games of the series to move their record to 2-1.  The team has fight, and will never take a game off.  They should again be a contender, if not the odds on favorite to win it all again.