Kendrick Lamar has played us all


Matt Belinson, Reporter

    “Y’all got till April 7th to get y’all %@!* together”. This final message was sent by rapper Kendrick Lamar on his new single “The Heart Part 4”. Kendrick has been known to be aggressive and spiteful to the ever-changing rap game. Lamar shared his feelings about certain rapping trends and rappers themselves. Lamar’s final verse unofficially announced his new album dropping on 4/7.

     Kendrick Lamar did let the world get ready for April 7th and it was not what fans were expecting. Lamar decided to announce the release of his new album instead. The currently untitled album releases April 14th. The album has 14 tracks and is likely to feature plenty of artists from his Top-Dawg entertainment label.

     While many fans are wondering why he would set up fans for disappointment, Lamar’s spokesperson has confirmed that “Humble”, a new chart-topping track, will be the feature single for the new project. Fans will be able to pre-order the album on all services today.