NCAA Tournament

NCAA Tournament

Kyle Hauser, Reporter

Dating back to 1939, the NCAA basketball tournament has been more and more prosperous almost every year.  In recent years, the average viewers for the National Championship game is 10.4 million views.  This year, there was not one dominant team, so many people created brackets hoping for upsets.  

Though there were many upsets and no official perfect bracket, the Final Four was still composed of North Carolina Tar Heels(one seed), Gonzaga Bulldogs(one seed), Oregon Ducks(three seed), and South Carolina Gamecocks(seven seed).  For as many upsets there were, the Final Four was still composed of pretty high seeds compared to some years.  One major thing was that Gonzaga and South Carolina were both playing in the first Final Four in both schools histories.  

The Oregon vs North Carolina game started and finished close.  At halftime, North Carolina was winning by only three.  As for North Carolina, they tried to continue getting the ball down low to senior Kennedy Meeks.  As for Oregon, they tried to keep feeding the hot hands of Sophomore Tyler Dorsey and Senior Dylan Ennis.  The game came down the final seconds and North Carolina ended up winning by only one point.  One key factor that helped North Carolina was Meeks being dominant down low and scoring 25 points.

As for the other Final Four game between the Gamecocks and the Bulldogs, it started out more lopsided than the other Final Four game.  At halftime, the Bulldogs had a nine point lead.  In a normal season game, this wouldn’t seem too bad, but with it being the Final Four, the pressure was on South Carolina.  The Gamecocks battled in the second half and ended up losing by only four point to the Bulldogs.  This set up the National Championship game to be the North Carolina Tar Heels vs the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

“My bracket was destroyed after the second round so I stopped watching,” said Josh Powlawski(‘17).

“I found the game really boring and the officials tried to control the game.” said Cameron Schurring(‘17).

The National Championship had a lot of hype going into the game.  Many analysts were predicting the Tar Heels would win since they have much more experience since they lost the National Championship game to Villanova last season.  The Bulldogs did not like that and took a lead early and held it through the first half.  At halftime, the Bulldogs were 35 to 32 and surprising the nation.  In the second half, the Tar Heels came out hot and took the lead back quick.  From there, the Tar Heels continued to dominate and ended up winning the National Championship 71 to 65.  The Tar Heels finally had redemption from losing last season and are now the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions.