13 Reasons Why


Samantha Erb, Reporter

      “13 Reasons Why” on netflix is not just another teenage drama. Hannah Baker a 17 year old girl, creates these tapes and then gives them to a friend who then passes them along to the thirteen people that got her to the point of suicide.

          This series is based on the book by Jay Asher. He writes books that are meant for teenagers. He believed that the book didn’t do enough justice and that he needed to make it more public than what it already was. Rape and suicide are things that people deal with constantly and sometimes it takes them to the edge like Hannah and raising awareness about how people are impacted when you take your life
        When it gets to Clay Jensen  you start to learn things about him and what he learned things about Hannah. He listens to her side of things, what actually happened not, what he heard happened. He started turning into a different kid to his parents. But to everyone else he is going insane. He starts to sneak out, he gets hit by a car, get caught with drugs, and even gets beat up. He is not the same person that he was before the tapes got to him.

      Jessica Davis, her used to be best friend is a main character in the show. She shows how things can affect anyone and everything around them from the choices that they make.Just because you pick up the bottle doesn’t mean everyone will join and that it won’t affect how they see you. Then you have her boyfriend Justin Foley who is tape number one, the first reason that she did what she did.

“This show is amazing, the whole plot behind is awesome. I just don’t agree with them having a second season” Emily Fleury (‘19)

Bryce Walker the mommy’s boy. The one almost every girl wants to be with, he is just so nice and so perfect. Well welcome to tape number twelve. He isn’t the perfect baseball playing, basketball shooting guy everyone thinks he is.

“We all have different opinions on people, but I think that we all can agree that Bryce is almost everyone’s least favorite  character on the show.” Elizabeth Dawson(‘19)