St. Petersburg attack

St. Petersburg attack

Andres Hernandez, Reporter

     Recently, there was an attack in Russia, where a man identified as Akbarzhon Jalilov decided to commit an act of terrorism, in which he attempted and succeeded to detonate a bomb in St. Petersburg, a city located near the Russian-Finland border.

     Three days after the attack, and deaths of thirteen citizens, around 6 people have been arrested, all of which Russian Police believe to be involved with the recent attack. Earlier on Thursday, Russian Police found another explosive inside of an apartment building, which they managed to defuse, therefore preventing another explosion in the city. Shortly after, neighbors were moved away from the area, and witnesses told the media that they saw several men be led out in handcuffs.

     “An explosive device found in the flat has been made safe. Several suspects have been arrested; they didn’t resist and now there’s no threat to local people,” the head of local authority, Konstantin Serov said.

     The main suspect in the initial attack, Jalilov has been reported as dead, and most likely died during the explosion. Jalilov was 22 years old, and from the Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan. His remains were identified by his parents on Wednesday, as well as DNA tests.

     Russian investigators are currently investigating Jalilov’s apartment building as well as several materials such as duct tape, tin foil and other suspicious items in order to find out how the explosive device was built. Russia’s Investigative Committee (The SK) have stated that the materials that have been located as of now resemble a device left at Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station on the day of the bombing. The flat was raided around 5:00 (local time) on Thursday, on the eastern side of St. Petersburg.