Labyrinth Movie Summary


Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

      A girl on a mission, a maze that seems endless and fantasy characters full of life are all things found in the popular 80’s movie Labyrinth. The movie was released in 1986 and features David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. Labyrinth was directed by Jim Henson and utilized fantasy elements in order to attract an audience. The movie made over 12 million dollars and is still making money today.

     In the very beginning of the movie, Sarah is outside with her dog Merlin rehearsing lines and can’t remember one. While rehearsing, an owl is shown watching her. Sarah loses track of time and is late home to babysit her baby brother Toby. Her step mother is waiting for her when she gets home and is frustrated with her. Sarah gets upset at her brother because when she notices her teddy named Lancelot is missing, Toby has it. She yells at Toby and he cries which only makes her more upset with him. Sarah wishes that Toby would be taken away by the goblin king and when she leaves his room, the light turns off by itself. Goblins appear in Toby’s room and Sarah begins freaking out. Soon after that, Jareth- the goblin king comes into the room and makes a deal with her.

     Sarah must make it through the entire maze in 13 hours in order to save her brother that Jareth took with him because she wished Toby be taken away. If she fails to do this, Toby will be turned into a goblin forever. She begins the journey right away and meets Hoggle. Hoggle helps Sarah but doesn’t give everything away; he makes her figure out a few things on her own. Sarah enters the maze and soon meets a worm that guides her too. Along the way, she meets more creatures and foreign characters. After being in the maze for a while, Sarah goes into an oubliette. Here, Hoggle returns and agrees to help Sarah again in return for her jewelry. Jareth confronts the two in order to make sure Hoggle isn’t helping Sarah. Hoggle lies and tells him he’s leading her back to the beginning which throws Sarah off. They continue on the journey and endure unfriendly characters.

     As they get closer to the end of their journey, a friendly pair of animal guards venture with them to the castle. A trail guides them there and on the way Hoggle gives Sarah an apple from Jareth that sends her into a trance. The group has to save Sarah fast because time is almost out but everything goes smoothly. Finally, Sarah and the group arrive at the castle and enter. They fight off characters in armor and Sarah tells them to wait because she must face Jareth herself. She does this and the line she couldn’t remember in the beginning finally comes back to her memories. Sarah looks at Jareth and recites the line: “you have no power over me!” This line defeats Jareth and allows her to return home with Toby safely. Once home, Sarah begins missing all her friends from the adventure and they appear in her room assuring her they’ll be there when she needs them.