Kyle Hauser, Reporter

It is about that time of the year that all the students are counting down the days until summer.  As for seniors, they get out early and are down to not many days left.  Everyone is ready to be out of school and enjoying nice weather.  Seniors last day is on May ninth and is only a graduation walk through.  Everybody is ready for graduation day to get here and start a new chapter of their lives.

As for graduation, it is the official ceremony into a new chapter.  From graduation, people go a variety of different directions.  Many go to college to further their education, but some go into the military, work at a family business, or even start up a business of their own.  

This year, graduation is on May 13 at two o’clock in the afternoon.  Though in the past the ceremony has been performed at the BMO Center, more recently and this year included, the ceremony will be conducted at Rock Valley College.  Many people are upset since the limited space at RVC.  Each senior gets five tickets to go to the ceremony.  Getting your high school diploma is a big step for many people and wish that they could have more family and friends be able to come and experience the ceremony.  For some families though, not all five tickets get used and  are able to help other students who wish to have more tickets.

One new thing going on at this years graduation is seniors are able to decorate their caps.  Though it has never been done before, students can design that top of their caps as they wish.  They could put a drawing or a quote on there.  It must be checked by school administration, but students are still happy that they have the freedom to be able to express their uniqueness.

This years graduation can’t come soon enough.  Many people are ready for this ceremony to come and go so that they can move on to bigger and better things.