United Airlines passenger assaulted by employees

United Airlines passenger assaulted by employees

Andres Hernandez, Reporter

     It’s no secret that airline companies will often overbook flights which lead to passengers having to disembark the plane and miss their destination, but recently United Airlines sparked controversy when employees of the company assaulted a passenger who paid for his ticket on an overbooked flight.

     On Sunday, April 16, an unidentified man refused to be bumped off the plane and later screamed when security officers wrestled him out of his seat and dragged him down the aisle by his arms. The man’s glasses fell off and his shirt exposed his stomach while security was attempting to remove him from the plane.

     Multiple passengers documented the assault by recording with their cellphones. Their videos quickly spread across social media just a day after the incident which is how the video originally gained the amount of traction that it did. Tyler Bridges, a passenger on the flight, who posted the video to twitter commented when asked during an interview.

     “It felt like something the world needed to see,” said Bridges.

     The scene raised questions about the common practice of overbooking and how far flights are willing to go in order to make sure that the plane is full, and all tickets are sold.

     Mr Bridges also went on the say that the reason for the man’s removal of the plane was so that United Airline employees could have space on the seats.

     Charlie Hobart, a United spokesperson commented on the issue, saying in a telephone interview that “We had asked several times, politely,” for the man to give up his seat before force was used.

     United Airlines lost a lot of net worth due to the controversy, however the company will most likely recover from the incident soon.