“Food” at Prom


Burke Cochran, Co-Features Editor

Delicious. Outstanding. Absolutely Delectable. On time. Warm. These are among the words I have not yet heard be used about the food at North’s Prom.

In fact, many students observe that it is quite the opposite.

The food starting getting served around an hour after the time listed, and some tables got theirs a long time after the others.

The main course was a small portion of steak, some mashed potatoes, and vegetables.

“The food came an hour late and by the time we got it, it was cold :(” says Keena Flaten

“It was disappointment after disappointment. First, we got crappy food and it was so late, and after that the music was awful,” says Nora Stilwell (‘17), “Some people got served nearly an hour after we finished eating.”

“It was eh,” says Izzy Bratter (‘17).

“The food at prom was decent compared the lukewarm kid’s cuisine they served us last year,” says Morgan Ceniceros (‘17).

The Vegetarian options were lacking as well. This was a vegetarian lasagna, as well as vegetables. Suck it, veggie killers.

At least the desserts were good.