The Unicorn Frappuccino


Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

      A pink drink with a blue drizzle and whipped cream covered in sprinkles; this is what you’d get if you ordered the unicorn frappuccino at Starbucks. The unicorn frappuccino was a short lived item at Starbucks, lasting only several days at each location. The limited time offer arrived to the menu unexpectedly and left as fast as it came.

     With over over 500 calories, this unique venti frappuccino is like no other. The drink claims to change color as you drink it. A unicorn frappuccino starts off pleasantly sweet and turns sour as you continue drinking. Another key ingredient in this frappuccino is the powder sprinkled over top of the whipped cream. Vivid pink and blue powders are layered atop of the magical drink to add to its aesthetic. The blue drizzle found along the walls of the drink are actually white mocha sauce that’s been colored blue to go along with the frappuccino. Although this drink is currently no longer available due to the minimal amount of ingredients provided to each location, it could make a comeback in the near future.

     Frappuccinos are drinks found only at Starbucks. These sugar filled drinks are topped off with whipped cream and sometimes other toppings. They also contain blended ice which makes them like no other type coffee. Prices for frappuccinos vary depending on how you order them. A venti frappuccino costs about $5.64 without tax and can cost more depending on your specifications. There are all sorts of flavored frappuccinos available at Starbucks. Caramel, mocha, strawberries and cream, and vanilla bean are just some of the flavor options.  

     The feelings toward the unicorn frappuccino is different for everyone. Some people have fallen in love with it, while others question the sourness of the drink. It seems that people tend to either hate the drink or love it; there’s really no in between when it comes to this drink. The colors of the unicorn frappuccino lead many people to believe it would be very sweet.

     “The drink was good but the colors made me expect something else,” said Kayla Polo(18’).

If customers didn’t ask ahead of time or do any research on the drink, they would be very surprised when they finally sipped it. The sourness of the drink took many people by surprise but some didn’t mind the surprise at all.

     Customers that were hoping to try the unicorn frappuccino had from the 19 to the 24 to try the drink. Many locations sold out before the end date because the ingredients sent ran out so quickly. There is currently no other drink on the menu at Starbucks like the unicorn frappuccino so hopefully they’ll decide to make it a permanent frappuccino. Making highly requested drinks permanent at Starbucks isn’t anything new to the company. The pink drink that went viral on social media was made a permanent drink due to so many customers ordering it. While there has been no news of Starbucks making the unicorn frappuccino permanent, it will be no surprise if they do decide to add it to the menu. If you missed out on the release of the drink, there are plenty of videos out on Youtube replicating the drink but none compare to the real deal.