End of the year for seniors is near


Gracie Thies, News Editor

     Graduation is right around the corner and senioritis has been at its worst. Since there is about two weeks left, teachers are rushing to give seniors enough work to finish out all the requirements.

     Whether it’s reading assignments or AP testing, seniors have realized that it’s growing tougher and tougher to finish strong. Keeping a stable GPA and class rank may be one of the most vital steps of graduating. It’s important to not lose control of schoolwork and give up.

     “It seems like I’ve had a lot of homework lately and that sucks because I only have less than two weeks left of school,” said Karina Valdez (‘17).

     Senioritis is a very well known symptom that almost every senior catches in their last year of high school. Common symptoms are laziness, no motivation and loss of ambition. The countdown has already begun and seniors are so close to the last day of school.

     “I’m so excited to finish high school,” said Halie Lindberg (‘17). “I’ve had so much work to do and it will nice to be done with it.”

     Even though senioritis is hard to overcome, some seniors do feel a sense of disappointment for never being in high school again. Time has passed so fast and over the last four years of high school. When you’re told that high school will fly by, it’s not a lie.

     Seniors need to make sure all fines are paid before graduation. If not, there is a chance they might get to walk to get their diploma. The last day of school for seniors is May 9 and AP testing will being going throughout the whole week so not all seniors will be fortunate enough to get out of school early.

     Graduation practice will be May 12 in the gymnasium. Graduation will take place that Friday, May 13 at Rock Valley College at 2PM. Another reminder is that gowns will be picked up the week of graduation and all seniors are permitted to decorate their caps. Do not forget to pick up honors cords and metals from advisers before graduation.

     Congrats seniors and good luck in your future endeavors.