Venezuela Riots

Venezuela  Riots

Andres Hernandez, Reporter


     The South American country of Venezuela is currently in turmoil, as riots and violence spread throughout major cities in the area.

     Citizens of the country began to riot due to the feeling that the current President, Nicolas Maduro has been eroding democracy. In response to the rioting, Maduro has sent special armed forces onto the streets in order to quell the riots and maintain peace.

     The opposition, in short says that Maduro has created a dictatorship by rigging elections in order to stay in control of the country. On March 29, the Venezuelan Supreme Court dissolved the parliament, and in turn transferred all the legislative powers to itself. By doing this, Maduro’s opposition in the legislative branch was done away with, which left the two remaining branches of the Venezuelan government in Maduro and his United Socialist Party in control. The opposition outraged, called the move a coup on Maduro’s part and riots erupted in the streets soon after the news was made public.

     On April 7, opposition support increased exponentially when the Venezuelan government informed Henrique Capriles that he had been banned from doing any political work for at least 15 years. The 44 year old governor who has run for president twice said the government was acting like a dictatorship again.

     Venezuela is currently in the midst of a crisis, not only because of the riots but also due to the failing economy and lack of bare essentials, however the opposition claims that it can eventually fix the issues that plague the country. The country is currently lacking supplies to the point where Venezuelans have endured months without basics such as milk, eggs, flour, toilet paper, soap and medicine. The shortage of medicine has also caused many public hospitals to fall apart causing people, including infants, to die from wounds and diseases such as malaria.

     Maduro has stated that he will go after and capture every criminal that has attacked military officials and caused chaos in the streets.