Motionless in White Album Review


Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

      Formed in 2005, Motionless in White is a metal band that has recently released a new album. The new album is entitled Graveyard Shift and was released under Roadrunner Records. Members of the band are Chris “Motionless” Cerulli, Ricky “Horror” Olson, Devin “Ghost” Sola, Ryan Sitkowski, and Vinny Mauro. Their new album was released on May 5 and is available to stream as well as on their website to purchase.

     Their album features 12 tracks that very in style. Some of the songs on the album are explicit meaning they contain swear words. The album has a dark and eery theme to it as all of their other ones have had in past years. Graveyard Shift is very similar to their previous ones but also quite different. The main reason it’s so different is because their old keyboardist, Josh Balz, left the band to pursue another occupation. Creating the album was a bit different without him around to keep the spooky sound they’ve had for several years. The band utilized more complex guitar parts in order to replace the parts Balz would’ve done on the keyboard. Graveyard Shift has a new sound unlike all their other albums.

      Graveyard Shift opens with a song called “rats” that has a very distinct sound and a catchy chorus. The third track on the album entitled “Necessary Evil” features Jonathan Davis- the lead singer of another metal band called Korn. “Soft” is the track after the one just mentioned; it contains a very heavy sound, an upbeat chorus, and about an equal amount of clean vocals and screaming. Bringing tracks from previous albums and giving them a new twist isn’t a new thing for the band to do. The sixth track has an explicit title but is a part two of one of the most popular songs off the previous album called Reincarnate. “570” was the first single released to get fans excited for the new album and is one of the last on the album lineup. This one has been called Cerulli’s favorite off of Graveyard Shift. Finally, “Eternally Yours”, the last track is another catchy one with an upbeat tempo that is about love. Some of the lyrics relate back to that dark and eery feel, putting a unique spin on love.

     Overall the new album by Motionless in White is unlike any that they’ve created before. It has loads of clean vocals, catchy choruses and heavier guitar parts. The album is available to purchase and you should give it a listen if you’ve enjoyed their previous ones or are just a lover of metal music.