Girls soccer wins conference


Lauren Shelton, Reporter

     The Belvidere North girls soccer team has repeatedly made history throughout this year’s season. The team is currently nearing the end of their season and is still coming down from the excitement of beating out all of their major competitors and taking the conference title.

     “The entire team was so excited. It was an amazing experience just having a shot at conference, and now that we won, it is just crazy, ” said Olivia Hart (‘19).

     This is a major milestone for all of the girls on the team, as Boylan was prospected to take first in conference this year. Belvidere North was able to beat Boylan for the first time in soccer history this season, as well as knockout Freeport in an exciting game.

     The atmosphere within the team is always exciting and very fast paced. All of the girls are constantly working to improve themselves, as well as their skills as a team and their ability to work with one another.

           “All of us on the team get along really well and work good together. We even try to hangout outside of our games and practices. It is a lot of fun and really helps all of us bond together,” said Brinley Hefty (‘19).

     The girls team every has players who are already signed to play soccer in college. One of the players is Erin Mckinney (‘18). Mckinney is currently a junior at North and one of the top players on the team. Mckinney plays as goalie on the varsity team and is signed to play for the University of Akron after she graduates next year.

     “The part that I am most excited about is to get into a D1 routine. A routine where I am going to practice everyday, spending time with my teammates, and really getting to become a family with them,” said Mckinney. “I also think our team will still continue to play well, as we changed some strategies and everyone keeps improving. It will be really interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.”

     The soccer season still isn’t over quite yet for the girls. Since Belvidere North took first place in conference, they have been competing in IHSA regional games and have been doing very well. The team will be taking on the IHSA Regional Final on Friday, May 19. The game will be held at the ISC Sportscore 2 Stadium Field.