Offline Games To Download


Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

      There are thousands of games to download if you are a game lover. Some people don’t have Wi-Fi and may worry about not having games to play because of it, but there are currently quite a variety of games for those who don’t have Wi-Fi to download. Downloading these games will require Wi-Fi but once they are downloaded, you won’t have to have any signal in order to play them. From childhood favorites to games that have gone viral, there are options for everyone.

     Games can be a good way to pass time if you are bored, so many people like to have one or two games on their phone for that reason. Puzzle games are one of the types that are commonly available to play offline. Games such as Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush and Panda Pop require a player to use various strategies in order to move on to the next level. Players have to defeat bosses during different stages of the game in order to unlock even more levels. Game boosters are tools that can be utilized to help a player defeat these bosses. Rewards are usually given for beating harder levels which will help a player when they are interested in purchasing game boosters. All three of these games can be played without Wi-Fi once they are downloaded.

     Another game genre commonly available to be played offline are baking and cooking games. Hundreds of these food games are available for people to choose from. There are many different baking games such as cupcake baking, cake baking and creating other desserts. Although these games can get boring after a short period of time, some people really enjoy having them on their phone anyway. While playing these games, players usually get to create their own custom treat. They can choose from a variety of ingredients and toppings in order to make a unique dessert. In most cooking games, things are more complex. Players are given an order in the game and have to create whatever they are told. If a person downloads this type of cooking game, they usually have to try their best to create the food as soon as possible and get it to the customer right away. Cooking games get more and more difficult as the levels progress whereas baking games tend to remain the same throughout their entirety.

     While only two of the most common types of offline games were mentioned, there are dozens of other genres to choose from. Games can be played to pass time while you’re bored and some may even easily become very addicting. When there’s Wi-Fi, check out the App Store or Google Play for more offline games to download during your free time.