Pretty Little Liars “End Game”


Samantha Erb, Reporter

       “ Cece Drake”, the name of the show, the name of the girl/boy that everyone hates. At the beginning of season six, Cece better now known as Charlotte, finally comes clean from being the mask behind “A” and tells Alison Dilaurentis, Spencer Hastings (23), Aria Montgomery (22), Emily Fields (23), Hanna Marin (23), and Mona Vanderwaal (22) everything that she/he did to torture them. Many fans knew that this was going to happen, and many fans were just as surprised as the cast because they didn’t know who their tormentor was.

        Everyone was fine with Charlotte getting out. Except for Aria, she admitted that she did not want to have Charlotte out because she was still scared of the things that she was capable of before she was caught and could still very well be capable of those things and many more. Charlotte still gets let out and that night she ends up being murdered and thrown from the bell tower. Aria ends up in a fire, Alison falls down a flight of stairs, and the shelf with Emily’s eggs gets destroyed. They soon realize they have another “A” to deal with who is now better known as “A.D”

Alison starts to think that she is going crazy after she thinks sees Darren Wilden, who died during season four, and she sees her mother who died during season four as well Which then leads Emily to take her to the psychiatric hospital that her husband works at. In the end of season six. Uber A takes Hanna from the lost woods resort and then that is how things end for season six.

“Season one and up has forever kept me on my feet loving, hating and crying for the show. This show is absolutely amazing,” said Emily Fleury(‘19).

Season seven starts with the Aria, Emily, and Spencer burying a body. The body was currently unidentified then we go back four days later and they explain the events leading up to the burying of the body.

After that well everything has many ups and downs. It’s not easy to stay sane after everything that happens when things get good you just keep waiting for things to finally fall back out of place.