Saying Goodbye to the class of 2017


Bella Kehrer, Showcase Editor

   With the senior class graduating, the ceremony to make it official was this past Saturday at Rock Valley College. With an intelligent senior class, four valedictorians gave their farewells for the class of 2017. There are many seniors who are going to follow their dreams at amazing schools. Jake Martocci, a valedictorian, and Navy recruit is going away to the Naval Academy to pursue his dream of being a pilot and serve his country. Martocci was awarded at scholarship night for being a well rounded student and athlete. Another, valedictorian Laurel Burke said her farewells as she leaves Belvidere and heads to North Dakota. Haley McCoy, a valedictorian will head North to Minnesota. Finally, Bailey Neiber gave an amazing speech, recapping her whole high school journey. She will head off to ISU with her best friends.

  All in all the ceremony went extremely fast as Dr. Vermillion and Mrs. Taylor read the names of the graduating class. Mr. Eckmann personally congratulated the students and officially named them alumni.  

 “It feels so good to never have to come back to school. Graduation was fun and a great experience but I can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds,” said Katelyn Kehrer.

  “Walking across stage was something I’ve looked forward to all year, and now it has finally happened. It’s surreal,” said Jessica Joseph.