2018 Expectations


Bella Kehrer, Showcase Editor

      As the 2017 school year comes to an end the 2017-18 class is hoping to make the overall school atmosphere better.

   This past school year was filled with let downs, football games, no Mr. Thunder and much more. Now that may not be all the class of 2017’s fault but the upcoming seniors are hoping to reinvent the school life.

   First off, be ready for the football games. With the Blue Crew leaders leaving new ones are chosen and they are ready to cheer and get crazy at all the sporting events. Kylie Johnson (‘18) is hoping to take over the female position and has high hopes for the student section next year.

   “Blue Crew is going to be way better next year. Better tailgates, music, cheers, and the overall environment will be more positive and welcoming,” said Kylie Johnson (‘18).

  Due to some incidents at the 2015-2016 Mr. Thunder, there was hesitance towards a 16-17 Mr. Thunder. Unfortunately, there was not a Mr. Thunder this past year which is quite upsetting due to the fact that it was a scholarship opportunity and overall an enjoyable event to allow senior boys to show off their talents. In the 17-18 school year, Quill and Scroll is hoping to work with administration to get back Mr. Thunder, the senior boy pageant.

   Another idea students have heard and are hoping isn’t a rumor, is the schedule change. Rumors about a zero hour and later start times have been floating around the school and many students aren’t opposed to the idea. Hopefully the District 100 board will release information about these statements, so us students can sleep in longer.

   Another overall exciting thing that all students can look forward to is the new year. A new year means a  new outlook. Next school year should be filled with positivity.

   One final thing that will improve is the sports teams. Many incoming freshman are talented and excited to bring their efforts to the high school sports teams. With new talent, teams can improve their performances in hopes to win even more titles.

   All in all, this past school year has been filled with positives but many negatives as well. With the new year coming and new seniors there will be much more to look forward to.