McDonald’s ad causes controversy


Andres Hernandez, Reporter

     McDonald’s has placed hundreds of ads on television over the year’s that the company has been operating, however a very recent ad has caused some controversy.

     Last week, the chain fast food restaurant featured a controversial ad with many people saying that the advertisement was in bad taste, however there was also an equal amount of people who said that there was nothing wrong with the ad and that it was even heartwarming.

     The ad featured a young boy who wanted to know about his deceased father. The boy walked next to his mother as she ran through a list of the deceased man’s traits and hobbies: “Never scruffy, Always smart. And his shoes so shiny you could see your face in them.” She also went on to mention that his father was the captain of the football team. As the woman reads the list the boy gets upset due to the fact that he realizes that he shares nothing in common with his father. Soon after the boy and his mother sit down to eat at Mcdonald’s and as the boy is eating a Filet-O-Fish sandwich the mother says “That was your dad’s favorite, too”. The boy then looks up at her startled, but pleased and the commercial ends.

     Shortly after the ad aired people took to social media to complain, while others defended the advertisement, however with all the people that disliked the ad over 100 reports were filed to take the ad down. A McDonald’s representative told the Washington Post on Tuesday the advertisement would be pulled.

     “It was never our intention to cause any upset. We are particularly sorry that the advert may have disappointed those people who are most important to us – our customers,” said the representative.

     The 90 second ad was shown in the United Kingdom where some people felt that it was ill-mannered to try and sell food to children who were facing a loss of a loved one.