United Airlines scandals


Burke Cochran, Co-Features Editor

Only weeks after United Airlines came under fire for a man being forcibly taken off the plane, the airline has been facing much more lashback after more people have been opening up over supposed mistreatment on flights.

Nicole Harper says that she forced to urinate into a cup during a flight with the airline. She originally tried to use the restroom, but was stopped by flight attendants as the fasten seat belt sign was on. She was then handed a cup by flight attendants after she explained that she has an overactive bladder. While this is the result of unfavorable conditions, the treatment after the fact is what bothered Harper. She said that the airline attendants had given her dirty looks, and remarked that they would have to get a hazmat team in order to clean the plane. Harper then filed a complaint and took her story to facebook, leading to more consumer dissent towards the company.

United took another blow to its reputation after a giant bunny died on a flight.

Continental Giant Rabbits are known for being the largest in the world. One breeder was en route to sell one of the rabbits, and was under the care of united on a flight from London to Chicago.

This rabbit, Simon, was the son of the largest Giant Rabbit, and was actually set to break his father’s record.

The rabbit had a veterinary physical three hours before the flight, and was gound to be in perfect health. However, when it was being held in a cargo area for a connecting flight, the bunny was found dead.

In a statement, United had said they were saddened to hear this news.

At this point, the breeders are unaware who’s fault it is of the death of the rabbit. It was made aware by Department of Transportation officials that people should not be afraid to put their pets on flights, as it has been getting safer than ever. Out of 523,743 animals shipped in 2016, only 26 died on flights.