What’s the point of one more day?

What's the point of one more day?

Sofi Zeman, Co-Features Editor

When you walk past the senior locker bay, it’s nothing but a ghost town. You go to grab a library book but find it to be closed. The only thing that anyone can think about is their finals. There isn’t a person in sight who hasn’t contemplated dropping out because of stress. But it’s okay. Today is Friday. You’ve come this far through the year, you can do today. After today, you’re home free for the summer, right? Think again.

     All of this hope that you’ve built up this week has gone to waste because we still have school next week. Well, not all of next week, per say. Just one day. 7:55 AM on Monday morning will start what is perhaps the most pointless use of a school day yet.

     Everyone knows that on the last day of school, nothing gets done. It’s a day for locker clean out and taking pictures with those school-proximity-associates you promise to keep in touch with over the summer (but really don’t).

     Rarely any teacher’s schedule their finals for this last day. There’s not going to be a lesson plan made only for all information to get lost in the summer. Almost all finals have been scheduled for this week. Come the end of the day Friday, nearly everyone is done with this school year. Finals week is the most stressful week in the school year. Most of us just want to go home and be done with school for the next three months. Making the student body come back for only some day isn’t going to achieve anything.

     With the seniors gone, sports at state and no one wanting to go, the halls of Belvidere North are going to be empty on May 22.

     “I don’t want to sit around all day and not get anything accomplished. I’d rather have my sophomore year end when my finals end. There’s no reason for Monday. We won’t even be there for a whole day. Bring on summer,” said Tanner Mateus (‘19).

     These past two weeks have been stressful for all of us. We’ve been up to our nose with homework. Anxiety levels are at an all time high. The library is closed during the only time it’s actually needs to be open. We’ve been distracted by the random lockdown drills in the middle of the day, two weeks in a row. We’ve been distracted by pepper sprayings and sports and everything that’s been going on. And now, when we’re so so close to the end of this year, we have to come back. For one day, are going back to school to do nothing. The entire day will be spent in wait, counting down every minute-every second to summer.

     Is one school day really worth the wait?