Cubs and Yankees set interleague strikeout record


David Banks

The New York Yankees celebrate their win over the Cubs.

Will Sieracki, Reporter

     Last Sunday night, the Chicago Cubs played the New York Yankees, and lost in a long battle that lasted 18 innings, which is two games worth of innings. The Yankees defeated the Cubs by a score of 5-4, but in doing so, the two teams combined to set a new record. During the 18 (!) inning game, both teams struck out enough for a total of 48 times, which sets a record for most strikeouts in a single interleague game in history.


     It didn’t look good for the Cubs early on, as their offense was dominated by Luis Severino, New York’s starter, and although Jon Lester was great, he gave up enough runs to give New York a lead heading into the ninth inning. The Yankees brought in Aroldis Chapman, former Cub and one of the best closers in baseball, and the odds of a comeback seemed slim.


     But then, the Cubs came back. Chapman hit first baseman Anthony Rizzo with the bases loaded, which brought in the tying run in the late going. The game then ran another 9 innings, where left fielder Kyle Schwarber made a highlight reel catch diving into the stands, but that great defensive play wasn’t enough, as Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks scored the go-ahead run in the top of the 18th inning, and the Cubs couldn’t mount a second comeback.
     That long-running game against New York was the beginning of a prolonged slump for Chicago, who lost four of their next six games after that before coming around this week with a series sweep of their divisional rival, the Cincinnati Reds. The Cubs’ next series starts against Milwaukee today, with newly acquired starter Eddie Butler on the mound. Hopefully another series sweep is in the cards.