Softball story

e North softball has a tradition of being at the top of the NIC-10 and this year they have the same goal. The varsity softball team is currently 6-3 in conference. The season started off with some struggles with losses to Freeport and Harlem.

     Some of the girls thought it would be fun to get a rally symbol to use for the team after they lost their first two conference games. Kylie Johnson (‘18), bought the team a rally fish. His name is Bolt Jr. and the team won their next four conference games.

     The team turned around those two losses to win four straight games by at least 9 runs. They beat Jefferson 11-0, Boylan was beat 10-1 and the girls beat Guilford 10-0. Izzy Bratter (‘17), threw a no-hitter against Guilford.

      The girls are still optimistic about the season’s chances, though.

      Bailey Neiber (‘17) said, “I think we will end up good and we just need to keep fighting,” “My hitting is better and pretty much everything else is the same.”

     “It will be interesting, I mean we can win conference, we just have to pick up the play and put the bat on the ball more, “ A positive has been that our team has communicated quicker and we have meshed better,”said Brenna Rieches (‘16).

    North beat Hononegah 3-0 for their fourth conference win. Kaitlynn Trimble (‘16), hit a two-run home run to help give North the early lead and the win.

    The girls got their third loss from their cross-town rival Belvidere, falling 4-0.

The girls defended their home field by a wide margin against East. The final score was 14-0.  All pitchers pitched at at least two innings.

     “We played pretty good and we moved a lot of pitchers around,” “we really worked hard,” said Neiber.