Vans Warped Tour 2017

Vans Warped Tour 2017

Cindy Oyervides, Editor

     All summer long, loads of alternative bands toured the United States performing their best songs for fans. Vans Warped Tour was created by Kevin Lyman and has been around for 22 years. This year it took off mid-July in Washington and ended early August in California. The tour features a wide range of bands from all over the world; some of them are well known while others are bands hoping to be noticed.

     There are many features of Vans Warped Tour besides being able to see your favorite bands for a relatively affordable cost. One of the really well known features of the tour is that a limited amount of fans are able to take pictures and meet some of the bands there. Fans aren’t usually charged to meet bands but for the more well known bands, that is sometimes how fans get into the meet and greet. Another big thing at Warped Tour is giveaways; bands will sign instruments or other items that fans can have a chance at winning. Merch tents are the last bonus features found at Warped Fans are given the opportunity to purchase things such as shirts, hoodies, or accessories for their favorite bands without having to worry about any sales tax or shipping fees.

     This summer was full of many well known bands in the alternative scene. A few of the big bands that performed this summer were Beartooth, Silverstein and Andy Black. While a majority of the bands are male-fronted there were a few bands this year that had a female lead singer. New Year’s Day and Barb Wire Dolls made a performance every day on tour and made time to meet fans. New Year’s Day was the only gothic female-fronted band on Warped Tour and the lead singer, Ash Costello, also had a workshop tent where she answered questions from fans about music. Musicians on Warped Tour tend to try to be as involved with fans as possible because they want fans to enjoy the total experience.

     Although the summer is over and Warped Tour is done, it’ll come back around next summer and for many years after that. The experience is different every year because the lineup never stays the same and because people in charge work hard to incorporate new things every summer.