Riverdale season two expectations


Mariana Cardoso, Reporter

     Since the Archie Comics made it’s way onto television and Netflix, the show has grown such popularity that the show was renewed halfway through season one. Now many viewers expect Riverdale’s season two premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

     Not much is known what’s to come of season two but in a tweet by the showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa we get a sneak peek into the first episode, letting us know that season two will pick up right where it ended, which was when Archie’s dad was shot at Pop’s. Also to viewers excitement, this season will have a staggering 22 episodes which is nine more episodes than season one. We also get new faces added to the cast.

     After that incident K.J Apa who plays Archie lets us know that in this season things will get darker. In fact the whole season takes a turn and darkness will be portrait through the characters journey. This season will feature new characters such a Mark Consuelos playing Veronica’s father, as well as Charles Melton, replacing Ross Butler as Reggie. Joining the cast is Vanessa Morgan as Toni Topaz which Aguirre-Sacasa says will stir things up for the characters. This means trouble for our favorite couple “Bughead” or Jughead and Betty played by Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart. As it has been known that Jughead and Toni will be spending time together now that they go to the same school. However, Bughead Shippers believe there is nothing to be worried about.

     “Robert said Toni Topaz will create a couple problem for Bughead but their relationship will stay strong. Lili also said that Betty and Archie will get closer as friends so no one is ruining my ship,” said Giselle Munoz (‘20).

     At the end of season one we know Pop’s was robbed and Fred was shot but we don’t know by who but no worries we’ll find out soon enough. Many people have come up with their own theories of who the shooter was from the shooter being Penelope Blossom, a Southside Serpent, Hiram Lodge.

     Yesenia Vizguerra, (‘20) thinks otherwise, as she said, “Archie will discover he has a long lost twin, that shot Fred at Pop’s.”

     Hopefully, whoever shot Fred will be caught but for now we are left to wonder if he survives. Guess we have to wait till Oct. 11 to find out.