Country Thunder

Country Thunder

Hayley Redner, Reporter



     About an hour and a half northwest of Chicago, you can find the top country music festival that was even awarded the “Festival of the year” Academy of Country Music Awards in 2015. Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin had some of the top country artists perform this past month.

     From Thursday July 20 to Sunday July 23, over 20 of America’s top country artists gave their crowd a performance of a lifetime. The bigger artists there included Chase Bryant, Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett, Big & Rich, and Jason Aldean. Tickets were available for purchase ahead of time for $130 for a four day pass or individually for $50-$75 per night. Taylor Ferguson (‘18) said, “I wish I could’ve stayed all four nights, I love Country Thunder. It is probably one of the most eventful concerts I have been to.” In addition, VIP passes are also available to meet and greet some of country music’s top artists.  A large amount of the crowd camps out those four days in tents, campers, or even trailers. Neither rain or mud stopped this annual four day party.

     Friends of all ages gather together and have the time of their lives listening to country music and hanging out. The first night started a little slow while campers were still arriving but by Friday, the party had started. Hannah Johnson (‘18) said, “I remember my first time attending Country thunder, you can look around and see all sorts of different people. Girls dancing on top of trailers and guys sliding in the mud when it was raining in the walk ways.” During the day you can dance and hangout with tons of different campsites; when night time rolls around you head over to the main stage and listen to some of the most popular artists artists.

     Overall, Country Thunder 2017 was a success. Many top artists performed and many memories were made. The festival featured many top artists and allowed for fans to create new memories. To add, this year a lot of rain came and delayed some shows but did not stop them. Guests were muddy but embraced it as that’s how country people do it.