Your name’s Baby? B-A-B-Y Baby?


Baby Driver stars Ansel Elgort and Jamie Foxx.

Cassiana Pozzi, Editor in Chief

     It’s very rare that an Edgar Wright film doesn’t cause chatter among moviegoers and film critics. His latest release, Baby Driver, received a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes for its intensive action and complex plot. The film includes stars Ansel Elgort, as Baby, Jamie Foxx, as Bats, John Hamm, as Buddy, Lily James, as Deborah, Kevin Spacey, as Doc, and Eiza Gonzalaz, as Darling.

     Baby is a teenager who had been “the getaway driver” ever since he could drive. A crime boss, Doc, had caught him at a young age burglarizing his car and ever since then he had been paying off his debt to him. One of the most unusual things about Baby is that he has had a ringing in his ear from a car accident he was in with his parents. So to drown it out, including while he’s driving, he listens to music.  

     After getting through the long opening credit scene, the audience is immediately thrown into the life that Baby lives as he helps three criminals escape a bank robbing scene. And this happens about four more times in the movie. Baby is intelligent and strategic, mostly because he had been living under Doc’s rules for many years. A hiree of Doc had made the comment about Baby, asking if he was slow, not only mentally but with driving, to which the crime boss had answered, “Was he slow?” and the answer was definitely no. Watching Baby drive away from police and dodging people in traffic, while listening to an amazing soundtrack of 80s rock, is one of the most entertaining parts of the film.

     Continuing through the movie, it is obvious that Baby no longer wants to do business with Doc; he’d rather escape to the west with his new found love, Deborah, a waitress at Bo’s Diner. But Baby’s plans don’t exactly work out and he gets himself, and Deborah, involved in a chaotic crime war between him and his old partner Buddy. Buddy, with the help of his accomplice Darling, hunts for Baby after he had caused trouble for the group. It is clear that Baby is a harmless character and, like other secondary characters had mentioned, “he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

     Although he didn’t get to to have his happily ever after exactly how he planned, the writers of the film had made an ending that would satisfy fans and leave very few questions unanswered. Baby Driver was given outstanding praise from many reviewers saying, “what more could one possibly ask of a summer movie.” And the movie speaks for itself; there’s great music, pleasing cinematography, well-rounded characters, and a fast pace, compelling storyline. And being out since June 28, Baby Driver has earned $175, 153, 854 worldwide.