Political highlights of summer 2017


Sofi Zeman, Features Editor

America’s first summer under the Trump Administration made for multiple changes within the world of American politics.

     Highlights of this summer began with a series of staff changes for the administration. After six months, press secretary Sean Spicer placed his resignation on July 21, the same day Anthony Scaramucci was appointed communications director. When President Trump asked him to remain on as press secretary, Spicer expressed his reservations against Scaramucci’s appointment by declining the offer. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was put in position as Spicer’s replacement shortly after.

     Anthony Scaramucci, given the position of White House communications director, lasted a total of eleven days in office. After calling White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus a “paranoid schizophrenic,” and saying chief strategist Steve Bannon attempted to perform inappropriate actions on himself.  Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci was removed from the White House staff on Jul. 27. Hope Hicks, as of Aug. 19, has since filled the position.

     On Jul. 28, Reince Priebus filed his own resignation.

     “I think the president wanted to go a different direction and I support him in that. Like I said, the president has the right to change direction and he has the right to hit a reset button. I think it’s good time to hit that reset button and it think that it was something that the White House needs. I think it’s healthy and I support it,” said Priebus in a CNN interview. John F. Kelly has succeeded Priebus as of Jul. 31.

     Shortly after, Steve Bannon resigned as well, saying that he and the president had agreed upon the action on “mutual terms.”

     Multiple CEO’s placed their resignation from the POTUS’s economic advisory council. As a result, President Trump decided to disband the group altogether.

     This summer, North Korea threatened to bomb and begin nuclear war against the United States. In response, the president held a press conference to make an official statement on the topic.

      “They will be  met with fire and fury like the world has never seen,” said Trump.

     Trump also voiced his support towards a new immigration policy which favors English-speaking, well educated people. Because of this, the president’s approval rating has been reduced to 34%.

     It was also in this time that the amount of undocumented immigrants illegally entering the country has been reduced, falling 36% compared to the summer of 2016.

     From staff changes to threats of nuclear war, the summer of 2017 has become a memorable one in political circles.