Trends of 2017


Priscila Chavez

       The year 2017 was a big year for a lot of things to occur. Things like Fidget spinners, slime, and even chokers came back into fashion. Trends usually start out by a small group of people talking about a certain topic. You then start to see this topic all over social media until eventually, almost everyone knows about it. It starts to develop and become more and more popular over time.

       One of the things trending this year was chokers. Chokers started to become popular around the time of the 1920’s and again in the 40’s and then again around 2016 and 2017. They have also gone as far back as the times of ancient Egypt. They were first worn by women during these times to protect their neck and and give them power, also along with other types of jewelry.

      “I wear chokers because they add a little pizzazz without actually wearing a full necklace which could get hidden by a top,” said Savannah Theurer (‘20).      

      Now there’s all different types of chokers. It can be made out of different materials, including: plastic, leather, velvet, beads and metals such as: gold, silver or platinum. They can also have many different colors.

       Another object that was trending back then and now are fidget spinners. These spinners have also been around quite some time. They first started around 1993 and now have become trending since of April of 2017. These ball bearing toys have been know to help people who have the tendency to fidget a lot or help someone with anxiety calm down. Others use use just because it’s either trending or for fun.

       “I use them [fidget spinners] a lot, I have ADHD and I fidget a lot so they help me stay focused but that’s just me. I think fidget spinners are being used for the wrong purpose,” said Amber Jackson (‘19).

      The last thing on this trending list is slime. This toy was first made around 1976 by toy companies. But has since turned a twist by people making it themselves right at home. The basic color and texture was usually green and runny, inspired by the famous Nickelodeon slime. But now there are so many different types of slime. Go from “fluffy slime” to “butter slime” and the list goes on and on from different colors and textures. Some people actually find it satisfying when people are making it and playing with it.

       Now these things all seem relatively normal. But in the future, who knows what will be trending or what kind of technology and objects the future will hold for us? One day we’ll look back  at these things or maybe they will still be popular in a couple of years or make a comeback.