Things to change this school year


Hannah Konkler , Reporter

During the 2017-18 school year there can be a lot of changes that would be beneficial to not only the students, but the staff.

One change that could be made is to make the school look more like a school and make people want to come in, after all we are called the city of murals the students  from the art departments could be able to paint a wall in the school or on the outside of the school. This will change the mood of some of the students and teachers. It will make the students feel like they are more of a part of the school.

The next change will be very beneficial to both the students and the staff. If the school started doing an off campus lunch kids would be able to go where they please. “Off campus lunch should at least be offered to the juniors and seniors because they would have a way of transportation,” said Amanda Lawson (‘18).

Many  of the students at north don’t get hot lunch because they don’t like it or they don’t like the prices of it. Teachers and staff would also then be able to leave to go eat what they prefer. This will give the students a chance during the day to be able to relax and take a break before going back to school. It would not be hard for our school to do an off campus lunch because of all the food options nearby.

Another change that would be beneficial for the school would possibly be A/B days. This means some classes would only be certain days. For example a student could have their math class only on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Then they would possibly have their science on Wednesday and Friday. This would give the students time to do their homework and study for tests to take their time for learning.

One of the highlights of this school year is the Blue Crew with their co-leaders as Amanda Lawson and Kiley Johnson. This year they are already trying to make a change  by trying to get the students more involved with the games.

“I think that Blue Crew needs more spirt tward football games and we need to start trying to get more kids to go to all of the other games like girl sports and the soccer and basketball games” said Amanda Lawson(‘18).

Something that we could change would be having a theme for school on Fridays like we do during homecoming week.

Hopefully we can make these changes as a school to make it a bigger and better place not only for students, but staff as well.