New Pvris Album


Cindy Oyervides, Editor

      Pvris is a female-fronted rock band from Massachusetts that was created in 2012. Members of Pvris are: Lyndsey Gunnulfsen-the singer of the band, Alex Babinski-the keyboardist and Brian Macdonald-percussionist. The band just recently released their second album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell on Aug. 25. This album features 10 songs which is how many songs were featured on their previous album, White Noise. White Noise was also available in a deluxe version which featured three previously unreleased songs by the band.

     Pvris is a band that is unlike any other from the rock scene because they use symbolism within their songs which gets transformed into something visually pleasing through the form of a music video. All of the songs on their two albums flow from one track to the next. When they released all their music videos for the songs on White Noise, the concept of the entire album came together. The band has already released music videos for half of the new album; this time, there is a sense of longing and sadness within each video. If Pvris plans to continue the things they did for their first album, there should be more videos coming out to finish up the visual element for this new album.

     All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell starts with a song called ‘Heaven’ that is all about having the one you loved taken away from you. From there, it continues with an upbeat song called ‘Half’. ‘Anyone Else’ is the third track on the album which has lyrics that are full of sadness. The next track is called ‘What’s Wrong’ which has a fast tempo. ‘Walk Alone’ is the halfway point for the album and brings back the sad elements. The seventh track on their new album is called ‘Same Soul’; it’s a relaxing song about the past. ‘Winter’ is one the singles the band decided to put out before the album’s full release. The eighth track is one with eeriness and anger. ‘Separate’ is a song about love and hating being torn apart. The final song is called ‘Nola 1’ which is another relaxing song that ties in all of the elements of the previous songs, wrapping up the album.

     Pvris has put out music for several years now and still continues to use creative elements within their songs and music videos. Their songs are about topics like love, pain, and regret but put different twists on them to make them unique and deep. Each song ties into another in several ways and builds upon the themes and feelings they create within each one. All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell is out now and can be streamed on Spotify, iTunes and Youtube.