Varsity Poms under the Friday night lights


Mariana Cardoso, Reporter

     Friday Night Lights officially kicked off on Friday, August 25 at Belvidere North High School. Varsity and Jv Poms had their first performance of the season in front of most Belvidere North students and a fair amount of visitors coming from Boylan High School.

     The girls’ first routine was choreographed by Emily Nipper (‘20) and Alyssa Catbagan (‘19) who were previously on last year’s varsity team. 

      “The routine itself was amazing but there was a lot of things we could have fixed and worked on throughout the season to be a better team,” said Alyssa Catbagan (‘19).

      The routine was performed during halftime and it was to a remix of Clarity by Zedd which they edited to make it just right for counts and timing. The team performed the same routine at previous events such as The Rivets game on July 21 and the scrimmage last Friday.

     “I never thought to choreograph last year, I focused on learning in a new environment and working to my full potential as a freshmen. I definitely want to choreograph in the future because the feeling you get when other teammates enjoy the choreo and hearing good feedback on it from parents to even teachers is a feeling I’ll never forget.” said Emily Nipper (‘20)

     As for the choreographers we can expect more. Varsity still has at least three more routines in store for the halftime crowd by choreographers Jazmin Alvarez (‘19), Nicole Bratton (‘18) and Maggie Anderson (‘18), all upper classmen since there is only a small amount of lower classmen. North can look forward to Varsity’s Homecoming routine which will be performed at the homecoming pep rally and at the game on Friday, September 22, also the Senior Night Routine on October 13.

     This year Varsity and Jv have a combination of seven senior girls, not as quiet as last years when they had a record high of 11 senior girls. This however is a good thing since more money will be spend on better senior gifts for the girls. They usually go with first name initial letter or a photo frames in which the rest of the girls from Varsity and Jv sign.

     As the seniors graduate this year lower classmen will miss them as they have been together for each season.

     “I’m excited to be able to perform and bond with such an amazing group of girls and cherish all the fun times we had together. I’ll miss performing on Friday Night Lights and experiencing such a thrill of emotions and I’ll miss the friendships and memories I’ve made with my teammates,” said Nicole Bratton (‘18).

     The end of the year is not here yet so they don’t have to worry for a while.