Club O Rama

Club O Rama

Hayley Redner, Reporter

     Something Belvidere North does every year around the start of the school year is host a club day. This years event will be held on Friday, September 15. Club-O-Rama is a day where clubs can showcase their work and what they’re all about to students interested. Clubs fill the halls during lunch and invite new members to be apart of their organization.

    This years clubs participating in Club-O-Rama are:

-Yearbook,  Although yearbook is not a club, it is a class you can take to be apart of planning the school’s yearbook.

    “Being a part of yearbook is such a fun experience because you can put memories that you never want to forget somewhere that your whole school can see,” said Bella Kehrer (‘18).

-Newspaper, also isn’t a club, but is a class where you can write stories for ‘The North View.’ Mr. Paddock is the adviser of both Yearbook and Newspaper.

-Best Buddies, is the largest club at North, which incorporates students with disabilities. Mr. Gill sees over this club. Students from North team up with a buddy and become best buddies throughout the year.

    “Best Buddies is a great way to make new friendships and have a good time, I’ve met many new people through this inspiring club,” Kaylee Parsons (‘18).

-DECA, is a business club that can offer you a lot of exposure to a professional business style lifestyle. Traveling to many different cities DECA is one of the most successful clubs at Belvidere North. Mr. Young is proud to say he is the adviser for this club. 

-Green Club, this is a club focused on bettering the environment held by Mrs. Newmes. Weekend field trips to some of nature’s best spots are one plus to being apart of green club.

-Science Olympiad, this club is a successful group of students who love science and love to challenge their brains as they compete for titles, working with Mr. Hain. They are always looking for more science lovers to join their club.

-Art club, is a club for anyone who is creative and simply loves to draw, paint, etc. Mr. Yunk shares this passion with them as he is the adviser for the club. Art club has always provided art to the community and art shows when needed.

-W Club, is a men’s club, also led by Mr. Yunk.

-Thespians, is a club for any person who loves acting or anything to that effect, advised by Mrs. Taylor. 

-Allies, is a club where North students come together and share their religion with Mrs. O’Donnell. 

-GSA, is a new club to North this year. It is a club that is passionate about supporting the LGBT, the adviser is Mrs. Krider. 

-Choir, is not a club, but a class that has students of any grade sharing their love of singing with Mr. Vermillion. 

-Blue Tube, is a video club that is on the look for videographers. Mr. Vermillion also leads this club here at North.

-Debate, is a club held by Mrs. Kroepel, that competes all over Illinois debating controversial topics. 

   So far these are the clubs who have decided to bring a table out during lunch to showcase their talents and greatest achievements.