North Vs Boylan Recap


Matt Belinson, Sports Editor

     On a warm and breezy late summer night at Milt Brown Stadium, Belvidere North faced off against Boylan for the first football game of the regular season. The stadium was packed with fans and parents anticipating a new start for football at North.

     “The crowd got us even more pumped and we could hear every word they said,” said Callahan Diercks (‘18).

    The student section was ready with their “White-Out” theme in place and North took the field.

     North’s started on defense and linebacker Mason Stringini (‘18) gave the crowd an uplifting moment when he sacked quarterback Joe Strauss as he tried to scramble for more yardage. The defense kept giving up small chunks of yardage on each down and it eventually led to a Boylan touchdown. Boylan did miss the extra point at that time to make the score 6-0.

     North took its turn on offense. Belvidere North brought back three starting running backs in Sean Lock (‘18), the aforementioned Stringini (‘18) and Cruz Garza (‘18). Garza went down on the second play on offense when his knee tightened up after a hard tackle. He did not return for the rest of the game. North could not score on the first drive but allowed no opportunity to Boylan to open the lead. Before the second quarter ended, Stringini ran a 1 yard touchdown into the endzone to give North a 7-6 at the half.

    “Going into the locker-room, I didn’t see one person down, everyone felt good about how we played the first half,” said Kenny Epperson (‘18).

     North made too many mistakes in the second half to give themselves an opportunity to win. The offense fumbled twice and dropped two passes on third down, which allowed Boylan to climb ahead with a 40 yard touchdown pass and two more scores from the running game. North lost 20-7.

    “If we limit our mistakes to 0 every game, we can beat most teams, but dropped balls and fumbles will kill our offense,” said Diercks (‘18).

     Belvidere North will look to get to a .500 record against Jefferson on September 1.