Royals reach random record

Outfielder Lorenzo Cain misses a sliding catch.

Outfielder Lorenzo Cain misses a sliding catch.

Will Sieracki, Reporter

When a team gets shut out during a game, it can be pretty frustrating. Usually there are guys that’ll be making good contact on the ball but they hit it right at the defense. Maybe the team isn’t hitting the ball as a whole. Going nine innings without scoring a run is frustrating, so just think about how the clubhouse dynamic was with the Kansas City Royals, who were shut out for 45 ⅔ innings, setting a new team record and were just 2 ⅓ innings away from tying the longest record in Major League Baseball history, set by the 1968 Chicago Cubs and the 1906 Philadelphia Phillies.


     If the Royals had been held scoreless for the first six innings against the Tampa Bay Rays last night, the record of 48 innings would have been broken, and a new low for the team would be set. Luckily, second baseman Whit Merrifield hit a homerun off Rays starting pitcher Alex Cobb, preventing the new record from being set. However, there were some embarrassing statistics that went along with the Royals not scoring.


     The Royals were the first team to get shut out in four straight games since the 1992 Chicago Cubs, the four starters that shut out the Royals- Ryan Merritt, Mike Clevinger, and Carlos Carrasco of the Cleveland Indians and Austin Pruitt of the Tampa Bay Rays have a combined 4.31 ERA (Earned Run Average), which is below league average. And over the time since the Royals had last scored, six baserunners in total managed to make it to third base. The offense was historically bad, and the scoreless stretch came at the worst possible time, in the middle of a playoff race. They certainly have some catching up to do.