Falling For Autumn


Emily Wendlandt, reporter

     Fall: nature’s way of letting go of the old to welcome the cold. The Autumn season brings in new colors, sights and sounds; those cozy nights by a flickering candle. Whether you spend Fall days outside or in, this season always brings forth new activities to enjoy as the cold rolls in. Orchards, trail walks and fall festivals, Autumn is the perfect time to get out and embrace the changing of the seasons.

     Orchards and apple picking are a huge Fall must do. Giving you the chance to experience the meaning and spirit of the autumn season first hand. As Fall rolls around, each orchard across the country opens their doors.

      “I really love Fall because it feels like that is when our area is most active, said Natali Monaghan(18’).

Each orchard offers a different fall experience. The Edwards Apple Orchard offers horse drawn apple picking, live music, Fall decor and most importantly, Autumnal inspired comfort food.

     Autumn is the perfect time to experience the outdoors in a different way. Nature walks have a new look and any old trail will compliment the fall colors that surround them. Starved Rock, one very hot summer hiking destination, offers a Fall experience as well. This all year round trail transforms as loud red, orange and yellow leaves scatter across the forest floor.

     For those who enjoy quiet nights in snuggled up to a good movie, Fall offers that too. As the nights begin to blister in the cold, students tend to stay in. Netflix and Movie marathons on tv reach a peak during the cozy Fall nights. Harry Potter weekends on Freeform, Halloween marathons and Hocus Pocus on Netflix are a must do for any fall season.

     “ I like Fall because the weather is cooler, candles have a cozy and delicious scent, and Halloween is right around the corner, said Cindy Oyervides(18’).

    Whether you enjoy cozy nights in or the excitement of the outdoors, Fall is the time to experience the change that the world has in store. Embrace the cold, say goodbye to the old, we are falling for Autumn and Autumn is falling for us.