Homecoming week has many traditions that happen every year. Dressing up everyday, the outdoor movie, the pep assembly, the football game, etc. One of the biggest things for the girls is powderpuff. All female students are welcome to play. The freshman play the sophomores and the juniors play the seniors.

Powderpuff takes a lot of work to prepare for. Various teachers and football players help coach the team. The teams sometimes practice at night and in the morning. People on the team get assigned offense or defense, and then get different plays for both.

On the night of the game, the freshman team plays against the sophomore team and then after that game is done, the juniors and seniors play. The different grades all have student sections superfanning them in their different colors. The freshman are pink, the sophomores are green, the juniors are blue, and the seniors are black. Sometimes they will have the boys of the grade be the ‘cheerleaders’ for them.

“Powderpuff is one of my favorite events of the year. It is super fun to see how the football team feels every Friday night, and to just have fun with all my close friends,” said Bella Kehrer (‘18).

In the past, powderpuff has gotten a little out of hand. One year, two girls got concussions, so administration debated if the school should do it again. A no contact rule, which states that if anyone performs any type of physical contact that is unsportsmanlike, they are to be thrown out, was then put into effect the following years.

“The no contact rule is really important since so many people have gotten hurt in the past,” said Amanda Lawson (‘18).

This year it cost $30 for a shirt with no name on the back and $33 for a shirt with your name on the back. You can turn that money into Mrs. Rathbun or Mrs. Klein. The money and waiver has to get turned in quickly though, since there is a 30 player limit for the game.

Last year the juniors beat the seniors and the freshman beat the sophomores. We will see what this year has in store for all those participating.